Frequently Asked Questions

Attending the Event

We are only at MINEHEAD the site address:

Butlin’s, Warren Road, Minehead, TA24 5SH

Minehead Jamboree is being run by The Scouts in Salisbury & South Wilts.

This is because it’s a private event solely for The Scouts and Girl Guides, all info can be found on this event website.

No. This is an exclusive hire of Butlin’s and we will be the only ones on site.

The min age has been set due to help with the ratios in the swimming pool and heights on most of the rides/ activities. It was also thought it would be easier with accommodation arrangements.  

Not a problem we can take bookings until we are at capacity, the date is there to ensure we meet the min. number needed to make the event viable.

Of course. When you book please ensure you tell us at that point of their disability and how we can help. If you would like to chat to someone about this please get in touch.

No. They will need to be with a group with the correct leader ratio. Why not see if anyone else in your district can lend a hand

Yes, please either book as one group or contact us and let us know.

Yes. But it will be your group leaders responsibly to ensure the current ratio is met, and your organisation rules are followed and check you have insurance for them.

Yes of course but your unit leader is responsible for ensuring they have a DBS and that the rules in your organisation are met for parent helpers.

We have kept the leaders price as low as possible but the site fees per person has to be met.

Your travel cost to and from the event, extra toilet rolls, drinks (outside of meal times) and souvenirs.

Sorry it isn’t possible to just come for the day.

If cancelled before the 1st of July 2022 full refund of deposit less 0.5%

If cancelled before the 1st of November 2022 50% of money paid

If cancelled after the 1st of November 2022 full loss of money paid

Yes. You must comply with the requirements of the Scout or Guide Association. This ensures that each Group has an appropriate Permit/Licence holder.

Once all activities and have been finalised, risk assessments will be done.   These will all be available to download from the website beginning of September, (more than 12 weeks before the event) all unit Leaders will receive an email when they are ready to be viewed. 

Whilst on Site

We will provide a dedicated multi-faith space that can be used by participants of all faiths. When your group has signed up please let us know of any extra needs you may have for this as the multi-faith room may not be manned.

Yes. We have a Media Team who will be taking photos and recording the event.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to sign to give your consent for photography/filming/audio at Minehead Jamboree to be used in print and digital media formats including publications and social media. These images will be retained by Minehead Jamboree event team to be used for promotional purposes and to archive the event.

Please note this is a large-scale event where the volume of attendees is high, and the event is spread over a large area. There will be video, photography & audio being recorded in all areas during the event.

If you or your child do not give consent, it is you / your child and your child’s leader’s responsibility to avoid being photographed/filmed/recorded.

Yes, they will be available on our download page before the event.

There will be designated smoking/vaping areas around the site. These will be located away from young people out of sight.

Whilst there will be first aid provision on site each group is expected to have their own First Aider and First Aid kit.

Yes, certainly.

A suggested list will be available nearer the event.

Please be assured that the Jamboree Management Team will remain vigilant to changes in the world in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic (and other matters) and will make timely decisions with the best interests of all parties at their heart.

Event Arrivals

Yes, just let us know your ETA and we will make sure someone is at the check-in to welcome you.

Yes. But activities start at 9am.  Due to fixed costs we are unable to offer discounts for arriving on the Saturday. Please let us know of your arrival time and we can ensure someone is there to meet you.

Yes. As long as you leave the site by 5pm. There will be no onsite activities available after the closing ceremony at 3pm.

There currently isn’t anything set up for this however get in touch with us before you book and we can see what we can do.


No. Sadly we don’t have the ability to do this. It will be just the luck of the draw I’m afraid.

There are plenty of beds available to us and there will be no need to share a double bed.  The event team will follow POR and Girlguiding policy and procedures at all times when allocating chalets.

There is a mixture of different sized accommodation open to us. Each chalet will have 2,3,4 or maybe more bedrooms with in it. As per POR, it will be the responsibility of your unit leader that has the nights away permit to let parents know that boys and girls may stay in the same chalet (but in separate rooms). There may also be a leader in a chalet but in a separate room as well. 

We will do what we can for this to happen, just let us know when you book and we will try our best and get both together.  We may not be able to do this once we get closer to the event.

We are Scouts and should all follow the Scout law “A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property”.  If damage has been done Butlin’s will know who is in that chalet and will pursue them for damage.

Once full payment has been made your unit leader will receive information on what accommodation the event team have chosen for you, at this point your unit leader will allocate who’s in what room and in which chalet this is to ensure your group is happy with the arrangement.

If your group is a large group, you may have more than one chalet but we will ensure that they are together as much as we can. This may also mean having a chalet without a leader in it.

The unit leader will be responsible for all chalets their group has and also for the safety of the occupants.  

Some chalets may not be on the ground floor. If your group requires an accessible chalet please email us at

Food & Drink

No. As all groups are arriving at different times we are unable to provide this service. Please either eat before you arrive or Burger king will be open on site for you to purchase something to eat.

Not a problem, the catering team at Butlin’s can cater for all, please make sure you let us know of the requirements when booking.

Yes. A spar shop is on site open for all your essentials.

Yes, there is a bar for leaders and Network over the age of 18 only. This will be in a dedicated area.  Leaders should adhere to the guidance given in the ‘Green Card‘ in respect of our Alcohol Policy.

 The leader lounge will be the only place that you can buy and consume alcohol.

Any individual displaying signs of alcohol abuse or behaving in an anti-social manner may be excluded from the site. The Camp Chief and the organising team will not hesitate to close the bar facility or order the removal of individuals if this facility is abused.


Thought has been given to the Great British weather. Most activities will be inside. The odd activity will be outside but we are Scouts and Guides and you will come prepared with waterproofs.

Yes. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of the activities are leader friendly so jump in and enjoy.

Yes. But you will miss out on all the fun. It will be the leader’s responsibility to ensure ratios are met and risk assessment are in place. Minehead Jamboree cannot be responsible for what goes on outside of the event site.

That’s fine, let a member of the team know on the day and we can see what we can do. Don’t worry they won’t get bored.

Sadly there may be 1 or 2 rides not for your participants, but these restrictions are there to keep everyone safe.

Any more questions…

Of course please go to our contact us page and request a call and one of our event team will be happy to talk to you.